A raised storage system is the fast way to add extra floor space within the shell of an existing building. In fact, you can virtually double your floor space without changing premises – or increasing your rent.

Raised storage areas provide the means to create separate zones within one centralised facility, so you can separate areas for bulky items, fragile items, warehousing and despatch, fast-moving and slow-moving stock, and so on.

Each installation is tailored to the site and the load-bearing performance required – maximising economy and safety.

6 Storage Solutions To Create More Warehouse Space

If your warehouse is becoming overcrowded, you need to start considering options for creating more space. A crowded or cluttered warehouse can quickly become a workplace health and safety hazard, not to mention frustrating for those trying to work within the area. AAA Warehouse Solutions are specialists in designing and installing second-hand storage racks, so you can rest assured that we can develop a solution to suit your business. Here are a few tips we have on maximising your storage space.

Rethink Your Racking System

If your current storage solution isn’t working for you, it may be time to consider looking at more practical options. We can help you design;

  • Pallet racking. Whether you’re after selective, cantilever, drive-in, or high-rise pallet racking systems; AAA Warehouse Solutions have second-hand racking that will suit your needs.
  • Glass storage racking. To cater to the fragility of glass, you want to ensure your used storage racking is safe, secure, and up to the task. Not only does improper storage of glass risk damage, it also takes up a lot of unnecessary space.
  • Cable storage racking. By investing in high-quality spools and an intelligent racking system, you can save so much space on storing cables and wires.
  • Pipe/carpet storage racking. These items typically use larger second-hand storage racks or shelves that allow you to stack vertically. It may be a good idea to look at cantilever pallet racking to store longer products.

Consider Double Deep Racking

If your stock is much of the same, you might want to look into double deep racking. To create this space-saving configuration, we take second-hand storage racking and create two selective pallet racking systems. By placing one behind the other, we create twice the space.

Look At Where Stock Is Kept

When designing the installation of your system, we suggest factoring in the Pareto Principle. In any warehouse, there are high-flow and low-flow products. The Pareto Principle, when applied to warehousing, states that 80% of the activity in your warehouse comes from 20% of the stock. So, make sure that 20% high-flow stock is in an easily accessible area of the warehouse to streamline your process. By using this as a guideline, you’ll be able to move the high-flow stock out a lot faster, thereby creating room in a more efficient manner.

If It Isn’t Moving, Get Rid Of It

If you have low-flow stock that seems to have been sitting there too long, you need to get rid of it. Warehouse space is a commodity that you pay for, so when your stock sits on the shelf for months or years, it’s draining your money. While you could just invest in more second-hand storage shelves to solve your problem, it’s more economical if you…

  • Reduce it to clear
  • Attempt to return it to the supplier for a refund
  • Give it to charity
  • Write it off

Look At Your Aisle Widths

If you’ve got a small storage space with no forklifts or pallet jacks, your aisles don’t have to be very big. In fact, 4ft should be enough space between aisles for you to move comfortably and to push a ladder. However, if you are using any machinery, you need to have at least 12-13ft between your aisles. This is important because if you’re using too much space for aisles, you’re taking up room where you could be placing another row of second-hand storage racks. Make sure you have no more space between aisles than is necessary.

Improve Inventory Management

Buying extra second-hand storage shelves is a great way to make space, but it’s pointless unless you have an efficient inventory management system in place. There are fantastic digital inventory systems on the market nowadays that make it simple to locate, move, receive, and send out stock. These systems will also inform you when you have an overstock of a particular item so you can look at getting rid of it to make more room for things that will sell.

Why Buy Second-Hand Storage Racks With AAA Warehouse Solutions?

When it comes to designing and installing storage, AAA Warehouse solutions have over 30 years of experience. We’re the experts at helping business owners from all kinds of industries maximise on their available storage space. We pride ourselves on offering the best value for money on high-quality, compliant second-hand storage racking equipment in Sydney. If you’re interested in AAA Warehouse Solutions’ second-hand storage shelves, racking, or other storage solutions, please feel free to contact us.

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